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Iranian disinfectant powder price

The list Iranian disinfectant powder price is based on many items atributies. One of them is the amount of chlorine used in disinfectant powder compounds, the more it is. The more disinfectant it has.

Why should I use Iranian disinfectant powder?

Iranian disinfectant powder has many properties and Advantages. Here we mention:

  • Chlorine is the mainstay of disinfection products known as hypochlorites. And about 70% of chlorine.
  • And are available as sodium hypochlorite powder and calcium hypochlorite.
  • Meanwhile, other disinfectants that are soluble. With various concentrations of chlorine compounds.
  • Sodium hypochlorite is very active. But its disinfection life is short.
  • Conversely, calcium hypochlorite is less active. But its disinfectant properties last for a long time.

Iranian disinfectant powder

Advantages of using disinfectant powder

as you know. Disinfectants are used for microbial bacteria and viruses. We now want to carefully examine the benefits and properties of disinfectant powder:

  • Disinfectants are used to clean non-living surfaces and disinfectants for tissues and living organisms.
  • The microbial activity of chlorine depends on the concentration and acidity. The higher its pH. The lower the microbial properties of chlorine and the lower its pH, the greater this property.
  • Meanwhile, the microbial properties increase with increasing temperature.

Iranian disinfectant powder

Prices of all kinds of disinfectant powder

Do you know what is used with disinfectant powder? There are many uses. Here are some of them:

  • Tools detergent
  • To clean the tools
  • To disinfect the clothes
  • To clean and shine tiles
  • To whiten the bathtub
  • To disinfect the bathroom
  • To disinfect the bathroom
  • And…

Based on the use of any of the above. The compounds used in them are different. And, accordingly, the price of these disinfectant powders will change. Because most of their compounds use foreign raw materials to enhance their quality. With the currency fluctuations, the price of these powders varies.

Iranian disinfectant powder

Disinfection powder sales centers in Iran

There are many centers in Iran that. To buy and sell disinfectant powders. But to be able to have a first-class, high-quality disinfection powder. You should visit the reputable sales centers of this product. On the other hand, attending this time when all the people are busy doing a lot. And also because of high traffic in the streets and the lack of a park. It’s best to buy non-attendance. We will mention the following sales centers:

  • Online shop
  • Great supermarket
  • Producer factories
  • Importing companies
  • Shops for the sale of detergents
  • Online detergent online
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